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Hello my dear friends !! Welcome to our blog verryonel one question from me to you-:have you seen Shakuntala Devi   now tranding on amazon prime,please comment how many of you have already seen. If you watched or knew her biography you will be surprised to know that she was such a fantabulous mind blowing lady compared with a computer .

 It's fine to keep her story aside and explore our new topic which is going to be fantabulous for the smart thinker,and also for those who wanna become smart.

         What  do you mean by the term  IQ

IQ means :- intelligence quotient, is a measure of a person’s reasoning ability.IQ is meant to guess a person's knowledge,memory, way of thinking, logic power,way of and speed of memorisation and recollection of events. The abbreviation IQ was given by the famous psychologist in 1912 william stern.The word came from a German word - Imteligenzquotient. He calculates IQ as the ratio of mental age to chronological age multiplied by 100. For example one child having chronological age of 10 and mental age of 10 will score 💯 as the IQ. Day after day the mind set changes,the procedure also changes. Some new procedure lists were in the way of testing while others were vanished out. The modern test of intelligence was conducted by sir Francis Carlton. New method of testing was given by Sir A.Binet in 1905. A peculiar principle in his test was the age based scoring. It means if a 6 year child will score point of 130 and 8 year will 130 then the 6 year child has more IQ. This shows time after time there is an evolution in the test of IQ. Nowadays it includes various subjects or ways of testing like it includes mathematics, reasoning,logic based questions. And an overall mark for each individual student.

Platforms for testing your IQ

There are a lot of platforms online and offline to test our IQ level with free and cost. But here we will discuss about the most preferable platforms or website which can help you to inform you your IQ level the list is in the following

1.Mensa-: It is one of the most favourable platforms to check your IQ level. They conduct Iq test in different countries including different States and different levels . The participants are provided with certificates. And scored marks with signature.

2. IQTest.net's Free IQ Test-: here you have to just enroll your name with date of birth and start the online test the no of questions you will get is 20 and at last you will be informed about your correct and wrong answers respectively. You can analyse your marks here.

3. IQ Test at FunEducation-:This website provides the free IQ tests when you will go to the web you will be given some questions with a timer and at last you will get the results. The test will measure your cognitive performance in several key areas including word analysis and spatial reasoning. Their IQ test is primarily a verbal I.Q. test and contains elements of spatial reasoning. Your raw IQ score will be scaled and applied to the standard deviation and you will get your result.

4. IQ Test at IQTest.com-:During the test, you have to attend a true false based question of 38 in 13 minutes. The faster result you give will boost your score and delaying can lower your score.

Correct answers are more important than the time.

5. PsychTests' Free IQ Test-: it is the one of the best platform not only for testing INTELLIGENCE but also a lot of quiz in various topics you have multiple options like Classical IQ Test ,culture fair IQ test,EQ test, mental speed test, multiple intelligence and talent test, left brain right brain knowledge test etc you can choose according to your wish and can practice a lot to your 💓 content.

6. IQ Test Prep's Free IQ Test-: This site offers complete free online IQ tests for adults and students. This is  designed to be a fun way to test your intelligence and learn more about various IQ tests and their histories. You can download the IQ test pdf, you can appear for a quick test as well as a long IQ test.

7. IQ test at 123 test.com-:This webportal gives you the opportunity to attend a free test. When you complete a free IQ test you will get a result card of your IQ score or the number of questions you answered correctly.

8. By various android and ios applications-: This may be the matter of suggestions for the students who want to appear more than 5 or 10 exams.you can genuinely get them from Google play store and apple store.

9.through books-: The students love reading books. They can get a lot of books for practicing IQ. You can get them from Online platforms like Amazon,flipkart,you can also get different ebooks regarding IQ.

10. From youtube-: The students who want to learn for YouTube may find this as helpful. You can get a lot of IQ based questions on Youtube. You can get a lot of puzzle based questions here with animation for better understanding.


The IQ test have many more advantages the advantages are listed in the following

1.It can tell you about your ability,skill, potential power hidden within you.

2.It can create a positive mindset within your mind.

3.If you are not too good in study and losing hope this test will give you a lot of hope for achieve the success

4.You will learn alot about reasoning logic etc.

5.It provides a lot of critical thinking questions which will accelerate your mind.

       Disadvantages of IQ test

There are two sides of a coin  head and tail. Like that IQ test may have some negative points which can be a matter of concern.

1.some people who scored less in IQ test think themselves as fools and their life as worthless.

2.Some also think that they scored high means they will become a big person in future without any trial.

3.Some web or YouTube  platforms don't provide such level of questions which are at the standard level for testing IQ.

 How to boost your IQ

If you are worried about your low score in IQ and want to improve it then do the following I guarantees you will score 💯

1.You should not limit your knowledge within the pages of a book , you should enlarge it. Gather every relevant information from every source around you.

2.Try to solve questions in a logical way and also in the simplest way,don't consider the long theoretical procedure.

3.Try to think beyond imagination and try to know the mystery of the world.

4. Ask questions to your teacher, friends, relatives,ask till you not get the answer. Of course from our internet you are free to ask anything.

5. Practice a lot of questions because knowledge is not power itself.Unless you achieved your heart s satisfaction.

Some famous personalities and their IQ level 

Namescore if IQ is estimated
Stephen haking160
Albert Einstein160
Issac Newton190+
Michael Farade175
Leonardo Davinchi180+

Elon musk160-180
Criatiano Ronaldo160-200
Lieonel Messie170-190

Note-: here we mentioned the approximation of IQ score of them in reality it may be vary so if we have any fault please forgive us.

At last I want to say you should never give up practice make anyone perfect so you can achieve anything. Maybe you will be the HIGHEST IQ SCORE OF THE WORLDDDDD……Thank you!!!!

By jonoon Bonaire

Team verryonel

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