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7+ Weird signs of a Genius Like Albert Einstiens

 7+ Weird signs of a Genius Like Albert Einstiens


7+ Weird signs of a Genius Like Albert Einstiens can told you your ability to any thing

Hello guys, welcome back to our website Verryonel. Here you can get the amazing study related articles, which will help you to climb the stairs of success. It will eventually help you in your studies. Have you ever heard a word called 'Genius'? I know you must have known about it. It means to be a master in a particular field. Today I am going to tell you
7+ Weird signs of a Genius Like Albert Einstiens
These 7+ Weird signs of a Genius Like Albert Einstiens are found in 97% of genius and if you have these signs then you are likely to be a genius. So, today you will find out if you are a genius or not. I know 90% of you would say that 'I am a genius'. So without wasting much time let us begin today's topic name '7 signs of a genius'.  means the genius people always have these things. 

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Genius people generally forgot the less important things. They usually remember the most important things. Thus their mind fills with the most important things and the space taken by less important things are now taken by the most important things. So they are proved to be more cunning and took more wiser decisions, in case of problem solving or some other situations. So in simple words :- "The brain forgets irrelevant details and instead focuses on the stuff that's going to help make decisions in the real world".

Let us take a story of Einstein and understand it clearly. Once in a train Einstein was traveling. He was sitting like other passengers. Ticket collector came there and asked him for a ticket. Check everywhere even in his luggage, then the ticket collector said that, sir I know you. You are a great person, and you don't need to show any tickets. Saying this ticket collector left Einstein. After sometimes he again came, he saw that Einstein was still searching for his ticket. Ticket collector again told him that there was no need for a ticket. This time Einstein told, gentleman, you know I am a good man. But I don't know where I am going. 

You are wondering how such a great genius can forget Such small thing. Well, this is because these things are not much important, he knew where he was going by looking at the ticket. So he didn't remember these small things, which can be known by looking somewhere. And also Einstein often forgets history dates quickly. Because he believes that these things can be known by reading books. And this fact is proved by research also.

So if you have such a habit to forget small, not much necessary things. Then you might be the next Einstein.

Intellectual aloneness

This is the 2nd out of the 7+ Weird signs of a Genius Like Albert Einstien James Glick is an author who wrote the biography of Sir Isaac Newton and Sir Richard famine. Both are two super geniuses. He says that these two geniuses are quite different from each other. Like Newton was an antisocial man. He always loves to stay alone. He fights with his friends like he is an enemy. Where as Richard famine was the reverse of it. He is very social, funny and a dancer. He likes women too much. So they are very different. But James says that they have some similarities too. The thing is Newton looks like he is alone whereas Richard cant connect to people when he is at work. This means both the geniuses were loved to be alone at the time of work. 

So due to their alone mind they both can discover something new. Like this, James says a lot of geniuses were alone at their mind level with comparison to remaining common people.

Which is our second sign of our topic "7+ Weird signs of a Genius Like Albert Einstien. Even if you have a lot of friends or may not have, but if you are alone at an intellectual level then you may be the future Newton.

Talking to self

Many times when someone talks with themselves means "talking to self", then the people who surround him/her say that he/she is mad. But actually talking to yourself for a normal person can be a sign of a genius. Yes, you read it right. One study found that is performed at Bangor  University by two psychologists Paloma burry Wafa and Alexander ekum, proves this sign. In study they give tasks to two groups of participants to complete. Now, the task that we are given is written information.

One group asked to complete the task by reading loudly whereas other one to complete it by reading in their mind. Now the results show that the first group scored 90% more than the second one. So psychologist give reason for this that when people talk to them, it actually improves there 

          I) self control

         II) cognitive skills

Which is the most important form of intelligence to complete any work or task.

So, sign number 3 is; if you talk to yourself more often, then it might be a sign that you are a super genius. So let's move ahead in our topic "7 signs of a genius"

Daydreaming or imagination

Once Einstein was working on his theories, and workers were also working at the same time on the rooftop.Einstein imagined what would happen if that worker fell from the roof? Mean what would he experience? Well, the answer came to his mind that the worker will not feel gravity, when he was falling. And some people said that this is from where he got the idea of general relativity. Also Robert D' graph, a theoretical physicist and author, said that this imagination is the reason why Einstein can  perform such great works. 



At the starting of this article, Einstein was lost in his imagination, when travelling in a train. His famous quote is also related to imagination. That is :- 


   "Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited, where is imagination embraces the entire world, simulating progress, giving birth to evolution"

In short, he believed in imagination more than knowledge, which helped him to work on his theories. Almost every great thinker has noticed that their imagination is so powerful, like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

So, if you are a daydreamer and always imagine a lot. Then this might be a sign of a genius.

Open mentality.

Let's take an example to understand this sign properly. Many people use mobile, and they easily know how to use it and it is easy for them also. but if once their mobile collapsed and hanged then they don't know what to do. And if someone tells more about phones working style then they do not like that, in turn they are told that " Don't try to be over smart" which is the wrong thing.

The more you open your mind and want to know each and every new thing, the more you will gain knowledge and be successful in your life.

A study conducted for 50 years by scientists, say that the students who were intelligent at their childhood, got success as they are much open-minded and wanted to know how the things are working, and want to capture each and every new thing that happens around them. But the opposite happens in case of less intelligent students.

So, if you are open minded, Then be happy. You might be the next Galileo. So let's move ahead with the article " 7 signs of a genius".



Leonardo Da Vinci, a human , knows that he created the greatest picture of Monalisa. Not just for this he was considered as the super genius. This is because he was a/an

                   1) Inventor

                   2) Painter

                   3) Sculpture

                   4) Architect

                   5) Mathematician

                   6) Engineer

                   7) Scientist

                   8) Writer

And me, not also perfect at one of these.

And read this, not only this 8 professions he was a master in :-

                     1) Anatomy

                     2) Geology

                     3) Literature

                     4) Botany

                     5) Astronomy

                     6) Cartography

                     7) History

Wait, wait man. He was also considered as the father of :-

                       I) Architecture

                      II) Paleontology

                     III) Iconology


He was also the inventor of basic ideas of tanks, parachutes and helicopters. And also he was an ambidextrous means he can right it by both of his hands.

I am telling you about this seniors because you can get some knowledge and also it has a link to this sign. On him or a book was written named " Think like DA VINCI". In which author shared 7 things about DA Vinci, for which he was called a super genius. And curiosity obviously one from those sevens. Even Elon musk, Bill Gates and Jeff bezos have this curiosity in common.

So, if you are a curious person who always wants to know, what happened? How things happened? Why did it happen? Then it may be a sign that you are the next DA VINCI.

A perfect reader.

All geniuses you study, you will find the most common thing that they are readers. Because reading puts all these six signs in you. For example reading expands your imagination, that makes people open minded,  it makes you better intellectual. Because you understand things at a different level.

You may have these seven signs or you may not have. But you can grow these things by reading, which will ultimately make you a genius. All above signs are only signs they must not tell you that you are a genius or you will be a genius. But if you start taking actions and keep reading. Then I bet you, you will be a super genius. And being a genius is not just important. Use your mind to help others and help mankind.

So this is the end of our article

7+ Weird signs of a Genius Like Albert Einstien

This is a big one. Don't be in a hurry , read the whole article calmly and I am sure you will get the points. And if you like this article then don't forget to comment on it. And if you are interested in reading articles like this then follow us. Also you can subscribe to us on YouTube. We have many curious videos there also. Thank you, we will meet in the next article.




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