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Can we live naturally in future ?

  ""can we live naturally in future ?"

the title is somehow weird. You would be thinking that it is sure we would  live on Earth in future also . But try to understand the deepness of the title. You know that how development is taking place at every moment on earth . Compare today's earth with hundred years ago earth . You can find many changes like technical ,natural, Industrial and so many changes . So imagine that how development is taking place  at such  speed in just hundred years. Now can you imagine the world after hundred years from our present day ? How many changes will occur in this period of time!! there will be much more development  will take place in the upcoming time.


   In this amazing journey we will show you, what the changes bring with it in future ? These datas which we will provide you are just possibilities of future that may take place in the upcoming time .The possibilities of human existence in the future or whether the human will live in a natural way like today's world or in some other ways created by future technologies.

   Natural Resources

 To understand how to live naturally in future we have to first know what are natural resources. Natural resources are those resources which are created or originated from nature without human interference. The natural resource can be effectively used for the existence of humans in a natural way.

 The importance of natural resources are

  1. Natural resources such as soil,,wate , air which are very important for the existence of life on earth.

  2. These natural resources are present so we can exist on this earth along with other organisms.

  3.  Natural resources help to maintain environmental balance.

  4. Some natural resources like Coal ,Petroleum, oil are important for human economic growth.

  5. As these resources originated from nature they create no harm to nature as well as Earth.

        Nature is the origin point of every life process of organisms . We are able to live till today because nature and natural resources are present . There will be so many problems if the concentration is disturbed.So any kind of distrubance related to nature can be result in the failure of living naturally in future.

Artificial Resources

 Artificial resources are those resources which are made by humans.We can call it man made resources as well.We all know which resources are artificial resources, examples such as roads,buildings,houses, cars,bikes,bridges,Rockets etc.a lot of artificial rrsorcer can be a problem in path of live naturally in Future


Growth of Artificial Resources

Artificial resources are growing rapidly from decade to  decade.The Rapid growth of artificial resources results in the growth of Technology. Technology is being developed by humans in every movement and Technology makes our lives easier but also difficult

First know about how this technology is developing. 

 Imagine  the world 500 years ago when there was no advanced technology. People sent messages by walking or birds like pigeons. 

But with the due course of time the need of Technology increased and people began to discover new things . The most valuable Discovery by humans is Electricity . Electricity is present  so technology is running and developing technology is increasing and we are present in such a developed World. 

We are discovering new things 50 years ago when computers were very big and occupied nearly the volume of a room but now we can keep them in our pockets . 

 There was a time when there was no electricity  and people were living only by a flame or candle . But now we are living with light bulbs and fans and many more accessories . So you can see how technology changed the world a lot from past to present day . 

       You think about the future and how many new things will  take place . Some possibilities of the future we are describing below. There are chances of the changes in future but these  are just possibilities.

  •      We are able to live on other planets.

  • Time Travel can be able to generate high amounts of energy from stars .

  • Teleportation can be possible .

  • Exploring space will become just like tourism .

  • We are able to develop supercomputers hundreds of times faster than today's world's robots .

  • We are able to discover aliens and communicate with them .

  • Human Civilization can be possible in distant planets .

  • Humans will do nothing, all work will be done by future robots .

  • Communication and transport facilities became very fast.

 Depletion of Natural Resources

In the previous section we see how the artificial resources will grow in such a position.So from the start of this artificial resource there is depletion of natural resources. How?  In the past we sent messages through Birds but when artificial means come there is no use of birds  which is a natural resource . We  can send anything in a message in seconds . 


Now we will discuss about the depletion of natural resource from present to future , 

  •  There will be many development or infrastructure which will take place in future and 

 it will need raw materials .

  •  Humans will use the maximum amount of raw material like Iron copper  bauxite etc. than present day.

  • The conception will increase which will lead to the depletion of raw materials which are natural resources .

  • As we know the population will increase in future the use of vehicles also increases so more vehicles will need more fuel to run these vehicles.

  • Thus the amount of petroleum and fossil fuel will increase , as the natural resources which take a long time to replenish there will be a scarcity of these raw materials and as well the depletion of natural resources.

  • More population need more place to live so human will have to cut forest and clear land to build houses so the number of forest and the percentage of forest will reduce

  • If the forest rate is reduced the living animals will also not find enough food to survive and after they will go extinct one by one. 

 Impact on us and Earth

     As the influence and use of artificial resources  will increase in the future , there will be very dangerous results if we are not aware of nature . We are given such impacts based on the above possibilities,   these are ,


  1.      As much raw material will be used in huge amounts there will be less from metal remaining in our Earth.

  2.  As Petroleum takes  Thousand Years to get renewed . In the future there will be many things which will be run by petroleum products .

  3. By  this the amount of Petroleum will decrease inside the earth so there will be a shortage of petroleum . 

  4. As the  number of trees will reduce in future , the amount of oxygen will be reduced , and the amount of CO2 will increase.

  5.  Which will lead to global warming and this will reduce the area of land mass.

  6. The holes of the Ozone layer will increase so many types of skin disease will happen .

  7. Many garbage will be deposited because  there will be many machines and products and the broken parts of many things will be thrown here and there which will pollute the environment . 

  8. There will be reduction in the percentage of safe drinking water many new disease will born on earth whose cure  will be very difficult 

  9. As there will be artificial intelligence for all needs and work we humans will only rest and do nothing .

  10. By this human's health and mental strength and healthiness will become weak and the average life expectancy will reduce even there will be hi tech Technologies in the health sector .

  11. The robots will become more intelligent than today's robots and they may be the  possibilities that robots will control all things  in future , and humans will be able to do nothing.

 Methods we shall have bound to use

  As there will increase in global warming and depletion of oxygen we will have to find other planets for living,whose Discovery process starts from the present time.

    The earth will become very warm that it will be become inevitable for existence of life.

As trees will not be present much there will be less rain on earth and we will have to live in artificial conditions for only to live. 

For living our nearest Planet Mars will be chosen for  human settlements.So we will have to find oxygen for living and water for life.If this is not possible we will have to live in a special spaceship in space as Earth's atmosphere will have more warmth.


As the sun is becoming old in future time it will radiate  more light and heat  so Earth land will become barren  and no lives will exist on its surface.

If life is not possible in our solar system we will have to find life existable  planets in other galaxies.

    From the above we get to know that the existence of humans is somehow possible and impossible . So to avoid this type of problem in future for some period of time we have to keep ourselves alerted.  To  minimise the situation for sometime in future we have to do the following steps , 

  1.   Planting trees will keep the amount of oxygen balanced in the atmosphere there will be balanced  amount of rain on earth which will keep the earth green and keep all organisms in earth normal like today's world 

  2. Reuse of material like plastic,  thrown metals will reduce the pollution level in earth and keep our Earth healthy 

  3. We should keep the use of artificial resources and natural resources in our life balanced . This will prevent many dangerous result to be happen in future 

  4. Government should remain concerned about these possibilities and alert the population from time to time so that measures taken by the people would prevent many effects.


    We are now breathing sleeping and living naturally and we are  inhaling  oxygen without any worry that whether it will be finished . We are independently living .We are living a life in the natural way. But if we will not aware of a nature, there will arise many problem like those we have discussed.So to continue living of all organisms on earth naturally along with humans,keep your environment clean and take care of the nature.So that we will able to leave naturally like the lives were living now.


  I hope you can understand the importance of nature in our life and hope you will keep your nature clean .


Thank you for reading .


From Verryonel

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