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10 ways that mater in your studies

    Here an amazing and useful topic which is very useful for students,  " 10 ways to master in your studies ." This will be very special and useful for students who want to score good marks in exams and want to study more effectively .  If  you also then read  till last. 

     Now a days students  are facing many problems in their studies  . There will be some subject which you think are very boring , but as we all know that securing good marks are also important . So  these problems are  appearing as a burden for your aim.

       So all this problem will be solved today,  because you are going to learn how to master in your studies . Let's start . 

1 ) How to start study . 

    When you try to study a new chapter on your own ,  after 15 to 20 minutes you will think it is boring let's stop here.  This will in case of the chapter that you partially  like . But in case of your  unfavourite subject you don't want to read a new chapter at all.

     This is the way that you can apply for giving  a dashing start to your study of any subject .

      When is sit  for study a new chapter a revision of any topic of any chapter,  you should have to collect interest and the determination for it in your mind . Then you can study it mindfully . For collecting these  you have to do one thing.  You have to collect energy and  set it in your mind that , " in any ways , any situation or in any condition I will finish this topic today. No one can stop me. " this type of energy and mind set should be in your mind so that you can get benefited and you will be able to finish your study effectively  . Apply  this kind of  trick to  give a fantastic start to your study. 

2 ) Note Charts 

        For understanding a particular topic you have to make note . Let's a subject science , this I know there a lot of name of scientist  ,  names of chemical equation,  dates  . This will be very difficult for you to remember  all these if you study directly from the book . You will be confused that who make what and when . So take a chapter from a topic and  a sheet of paper and note down all the important points in it and connect those dates with each other accordingly , so that exam times you can easily and clearly read and can remember all the important point regarding of that chapter . 


Most of the times particularly in exam times we only read the important point and go to the exam and try to memorise what we have read but we cant remember or we can't  able to memorise .  Therefore this affect a student's life very much . 

       The reason is that what you have read stored in your short term memory so it get disappeared at the time when you need it and try to memorize it . What you have to do is  you have to put it in your long term memory which will help you . A trick which is very useful for storing the data in a long-term memory is  , "writing many times " . This  means take a long question of five points,  you have to put it in your long term memory . Then  what you have to do is take your rough copy and write down all the five points on it then read it carefully and try to say what you have read at least two times . Then write down  all points without looking to answer or book . Continue writing of points in your copy five times without looking at the answers . Then you can realise that all the points are clearly get stored in your brain and you can easily write the answer to that question is exam as well . By this process you repeat one activity so that it gets stored or copied in your long term memory. 

4)Highlighted Points 

       For short type questions you have to highlight the sentence in your book .  If you find a short answer type question highlight the sentence using a highlighter or  you can underline it with your pencil . The significance of this technique is that when you see at things your brain is attracted towards the the attractive or decorative  one .  Here as you have highlighted or decorated that sentence , when you are reading the topic your brain will look towards that highlighted part . Then you will not miss any question .

5)Threat your Brain 

       When you have no interest on studying a subject and you are also get stressed for your exams ,  at that time to increase your interest towards the topic which you don't want to study , threat  your brain that what wrong will happen with you if you don't read that subject ,? What will its effect on your life and your aim . By this technique a fear   will grow in your mind and it automatically  come to create the interest to study that subject . This technique is useful when you don't want to study that subject but that is very important , then you can apply this trick to create interest to read the subject .

6)Book should not be a burden

    When you give an exam in school the most important thing that you have to cover is book . But  our whole life and  whole career is not based on that book .     Yes book is for increasing your knowledge , but for a good career that everyone wants we have to collect knowledge inside as well as outside the textbook of our school.

     When you get free time and you have no homework try to do something outside the book . Like  finding new trick to simplify easily in math,  finding more type of name in a reaction  in Science , finding new words in English .  But  you are thinking that this is  boring but this outside knowledge will also help you. Like if it is a  long process question but the answer is in MCQ form in math exam , you have also less time remaining , so you can apply the trick you have learn basing on that question . Then you  can easily and fastly solve that problem . If there is a passage in English exam maybe you will face some new words but if you learnt some extrawords  outside your book you might face those words in that passage .  These are some examples that how outside knowledge can help us in our day to day life and also in our exams . Therefore overall  we should have some outside knowledge along with our  school book knowledge . 

7)Question hunting

   It is very important not for your exam but also for your future . Do as much as new questions you can  whether from internet or  from some books . What you have learnt try to do that concept based question in different structures . Try to find different type of questions .   This will help you  particularly in Maths Science and in English grammar . Doing different type of question will expand your knowledge for doing one concept based question in different formats and if you face some different questions in exam you can easily solve that . There are many source from which you can get different question such as in internet , in different books, practice sets etc.

8) Practice

      Practice is the key to achieve perfection at any field and in your school studies . Proper planning with practice helps to improve your mind and the rate of performance in your studies . Practice makes you to expand and improve the rate of storing things in your long-term memory , like you when you repeat writing a very stylish letter then at other times it will automatically being written and you cant control it . Like that if you practice something this will stored in your long term memory and at exams you can able to write answer very easily . It promote your brain to check how  things is being described and then it fully recognised it and as I said that information get stored in your long term memory in your brain .

9)Self Testing 

    This is very important to increase your effective studying and memory loss also . In this first take a topic and study  the important paragraph,  then close the book and write down what you can remember from that . Now check what you have written with the book . Repeat this until you have correct most of the points and continue this process until you finish the chapter . This technique with time will increase your memory and long-term retention of that chapter.

10) Avoid Distraction

     When you sit for studying many different types of thoughts are getting into your mind.  These distract you from studying . Control your thought which are the main reason for distraction .

 If  you put datas  in your thoughtful brain it will create no  impact or improvement in your study . Choose a calm and quiet place for your study in which you can study peacefully and effectively.

     Hope you enjoyed this journey and hope you apply these techniques to improve your studying. 

  Thank you for reading . 

               By , TYLER 

              Team  Verryonel 

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