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How to write in board exams?

 How to write in board exams?

Today we will learn about how to write in board exams. Generally many of you will say that obviously with pen and paper. Yes, but today you will know how to write in such a way that you will get good marks in boards. I mean these tips can give you extra marks in boards. So without wasting much time let us begin " How to write in board exams?"


10th boards and the most easiest and important exam of your life. For this you need a good strategy to crack boards. Most students don't focus on studies from the start, and when exam time comes, they are depressed. They have to read 10 to 12 hours a day to get an average mark. But you need not do that, because reading for 10 to 12 hours is a bit boring. So I would advise you to read from the start of the academic year. Because if you begin from the first month and continue reading for 3 to 4 hours daily then you can crack 10th board not only with an average mark but with decent marks also.

This is just a basic t because if you did not study anything then these tricks can never give you results. So you should have studied / prepared well for the exams. In the next blog I will tell you how to fix your time table or how to study for boards. But in this blog we will only know some writing tips.

Remember one thing while writing in board exams, always try to create an impression on the teacher who is giving the marks. You can do this by following these steps in Boards.

Writing question number.

Most of the time students make this mistake. They forgot to write the question number and this irritates the teacher too much. And then how would you write your content, a bad impression is created in the mind of the teacher. So where you should get 5 out of 5 he might give you only 4. And you have nothing to complain about. You may think that you can never make this mistake but at the time of writing you have so much pressure and tension that you forget these small things. 

Another thing, don't forget to write the sub question numbers. Mean if the question is divided into two parts A and B. Then you said write these points sequence wise with a proper answer. Don't forget to write it. Always try to write the number bigger in size because that should be visible to the teacher.

Note:-  No matter how randomly you wrote the answers, if you wrote the question mark properly then you have created a good impression on the teacher.

First page impression.

This is the most important thing. The teacher will judge you by looking at the first page of your sheet and make a thought about you. If you write the first letter neatly and cleanly with very good content then the teacher would think that every good student. And this will help you because through this even some of your answers and not perfect then also you can get full marks on them. 

This has a huge  impact on boards because the teacher has to check many copies so they basically judge you by your first page.


This is also a common mistake made by many students. Whenever, in the question it asks to compare two things or to differentiate two things then don't write it like a story. Or do not write one after another. Always use tabular form because that is the perfect way for comparison. With this a teacher can compare and also it takes less time to check. So you will be able to create an impression on your teacher. 

Thumb Rule.

This is related to the sequence of the question. As I said that you should write good content means a good answer in your first page to make a good impression on the teacher. So for good content you need to do the questions that you feel are easy for you and you can write them efficiently. So do the easy first.

But I will advise you to write sequence wise. Because it helps the teacher in marking. You can also follow the "do the easy first" rule. Always write the section name in the copy. Suppose you are sitting to the section B then write like this :- 

             SECTION - B

And then start it. So that the examiner did not get confused.

whenever you can't find an answer to the question then do not leave the space for that question. Do that question at the end with a proper question number and mention the section.

Write answers clearly.

This is also an important factor for getting good marks. This generally helps you in physics and maths square you have to solve long questions. In those long questions always remember to write the units. And highlight the answer. This does not mean that you have to highlight it with highlighter but write it separately with a full sentence. You can underline it also so that it is eye-catching for the examiner

Draw a line.

Sometimes the examiner forgot to give marks to some questions. And here you can't get your marksheet so that you can  recheck it. And rechecking it is also a lot of problem. So to avoid it draw a simple straight line after every answer. Do this with a pencil. 8 differentiate each answer and in this process no answer will be avoided.


Most of the students suffer from this problem. Even I am. Don't worry, just try to write it in such a way that it is visible. Maintenance of spacing and try to keep the copy clean. If you follow this then you can avoid this problem. And if you have a good handwriting then it is like icing on the cake.

Word limit.

This is an important one. Because some students don't see the mark for the question and write it long. Sometimes they write 1 to 2 pages for 1 mark. This wastes the time of the student and the examiner as well. Due to this one month you may have to leave 10 to 20 marks. This also creates a bad impression on the teacher. So try to write keywords. Because the examiner searches only for these keywords.

Don't leave questions.

This is my favourite point. You may leave the questions which answer you don't know. After doing all questions try to remember something that you studied related to that question. Or use your creativity and try to guess the answer. This is because if you don't attempt that then you will not get anything but if you're attempted and that is related to the answer then you may get 1 to 2 marks. As there is no negative marking so you should attempt all the questions.

So this is all about today's blog. There are many more tips and tricks like this but I left them and chose those with the most important. These tricks can really help you to build an impression and examiner and as we know if you are able to create an impression on the examiner then you are successful to get those extra marks.

If you like that then please make a comment and we will meet in the next blog.




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